TA-SF9R 9" Tonearm
Unparalleled rigidity and quality of motion
Zero-stiction flexure bearing
Drop-in replacement for a popular discontinued tonearm
Available now!

TA-SF9 9" Fixed Headshell Tonearm
Same advanced design as our TA-SF9R tonearm
Same amazing sound quality
More affordable as the headshell is fixed
Available now!
HS-A02 Ceramic Headshell
"HS-A02 is simply the best headshell I have used. An
essential audio component if you are serious"
— Jam Somasundram, Quadratic Audio
CB-A01 Ceramic Cartridge Spacer
Measurable improvement
Cost-effective upgrade
Perfect for fixed headshell tonearms
What Our Customers Say
Your headshell is still the best I have heard!
Victor Peh, Aural Designs
Phono playback systems are an essential design tool in our business and the enjoyment of music. To this end it is important that every element of your playback system is optimized.

An often overlooked piece in this chain is the headshell. I have tested and listened to multiple headshells and I can honestly say that the Korf HS-A02 is the finest device of its kind by a wide margin. You might be surprised that something so seemingly insignificant can change the performance of your tone arm dramatically. The design is based on scientific principles and painstaking research, no snake oil here.
Korf's research into resonance and vibration has borne fruit and has produced something special.

To sum it up, if you are serious about music reproduction you owe it to yourself to try the HS-A02... put in a few words, elegance, simplicity and purity.
Jam Somasundram, Quadratic Audio
I have a lot of high end headshells and the Korf ceramic headshell is easily one of my most favorite headshells. I bought 4 of them for myself and another 4-6 more for friends. I have about 15 cartridges and mount some of my finest ones on the Korf ceramic headshell. I highly recommend this headshell to those who are audio enthusiasts and want nothing short of the best.
Tim Connor, KitsuneHiFi.com
As a long time audiophile I have often wondered about the advantages of different headshells. I knew through experience that the quality of the material and design had an effect on sound quality. I recently purchased the new Technics SL1210GAE and the stock headshell is ok but not great. I also used an Ortofon carbon fiber headshell and it made a nice difference. So I started doing research on what else is available, came across a blog by Alex and followed his developments and tests. I felt his approach to reduce resonance at the most important place — where cartridge attaches to its support — could and should improve the sound.

What I found with his ceramic design was that the headshell just gets out of the way of of the micro movements of the stylus and cantilever allowing for all or music retrieval to be revealed. It really is like removing a layer of cloth over the sound with clearer highs and dynamic bass. The Korf headshell is a component on its own and highly recommended.
Jerry Snead, Maryland, USA
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