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23 May 2024
Munich High End 2024
High End 2024 was a major milestone for us—a first expo, a first "proper" press release, and a first time we have shown our turntable prototype. It was great to meet the old friends, and to make some new ones too!

I want to personally thank everyone who found the time to seek out our (well-hidden) stand. Hearing from so many wonderful people, "I read your blog!", "I have your headshell!", "Your tonearm changed the way I think about vinyl!" is the highlight of this year for us.

Also, I am sorry if I wasn't available or if I was in a conversation when you stopped by. If you have questions you wanted to ask, just drop me a line or use the "contact us" form at the front page. We reply to all the emails we receive.

A very happy coincidence: for us, Munich show week started with a concert by Alexander Melnikov, our friend and supporter of very many years. He played his "Many Pianos" program, that he extended on the spot with a remarkable rendition of Schubert's Wanderer Fantasie. It was my first time at the Prinzregententheater, with its striking interiors and lovely acoustics.

Watching Alexander's team pack the pianos after the concert, I was once again awed by their beauty, and by the craftsmanship that went into these amazing instruments.

We shared the stand with Thöress and Tedeska. Reinhard Thöress builds remarkable tube amplifiers that evoke 1950s lab equipment with their visual style. To me, they bring back fond childhood memories of trying to make sense of old Hewlett-Packard signal generators, oscilloscopes, counters etc. I am, of course, a fan.

At Tedeska, Mr. Hyun Lee builds exquisite moving coil cartridges, one by one. Unlike many "artisans" who package existing OEM generators into fancy bodies, everything Tedeska offers is built from scratch. It truly is a labour of love, and Hyun is justifiably famous for his cartridges.

TA-AF Tonearm Series
Just before the show, we have officially launched the new series of tonearms with ceramic arm tubes. While they were already available through selected dealers for a couple of months, this was their first official outing.

TA-AF series sits above our TA-SF steel-tubed tonearms. It incorporates everything we have learned about building a top performing tonearm. At the same time, the price remains relatively accessible, certainly by high end audio standards. You can learn more (and buy one) at the tonearm's dedicated page.

The new tonearm was also mounted on a nice TechDAS Air Force V in the Engström room in the Atrium. Some visitors were lucky enough to hear the Korf tonearm on a quite impressive system:

There will be a separate post covering the gestation of the TA-AF series soon!

TT-101 Turntable Prototype
But perhaps what aroused the most interest was our turntable prototype. TT-101 is the working name for the time being.
We hope for a test batch of 20-25 pieces sometime this autumn
What are the highlights?

—Coreless direct drive motor
Feed forward control
—Heavy platter (7.5 kg for the prototype, 5.5 kg targeted for production)
—Polymer-lined bearing
—5mm thick steel brace between the bearing and the tonearm mount
—Veneered MDF plinth

The brace is there to take the plinth out of the loop and minimize its influence. Two versions are planned, for 9-10" and for 11-12" tonearms. We will probably offer some choice in veneers (that's oiled oak in the photos). Please tell us what kind of veneer and finish you prefer, even if you're not buying a new turntable—I would be very grateful if you do.

When is it coming? We hope for a test batch of 20-25 pieces sometime this autumn. You know what to do if you want to be the first one to get it (yes, fill the form below).

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