TC-125 is a simple 1. 2 meter MDIN to 2xRCA tonearm cable.
Designed to minimize hum and interference. Built using Mogami W3106.

What's included:

– 1.2 meter long TC-125 cable
– Gold-plated RCA connectors
– Gold-plated MDIN 5-pin connector
– Separate ground wire with a convenient spade connector

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Why Korf Cable?
There are hundreds, if not thousands, of tonearm cables on the market. Why offer another one?

Most of the hum problems experienced by our customers could be solved by using correctly designed tonearm cable. Unfortunately, many available cables bunch up all the ground connections together, making hum issues hard to solve.

Following overwhelming customer demand, we decided to offer a very simple cable that provides true instrumentation connection from the Korf tonearm to the preamplifier or MC step-up transformer. The two articles explaining why such a connection is best are linked below.
How do I get rid of the hum? I've changed a cartridge, a preamp, a tonearm, a cable, I moved house, or I just moved the stereo to another side of the room—and now there's intrusive hum!
We discussed hum in the turntable when the cartridge is directly connected to the preamp. Immediately, I got dozens of requests: "Please do the same for the moving coil transformers!"
TC-125 Specifications
  • Length: 1250 mm +/- 10%
  • Bulk cable used: Mogami W3106 microphone cable
  • Separate signal, signal ground, shield and tonearm ground wires
  • RCA connectors: Brass, Gold-plated contacts, PTFE isolator
  • MDIN 5-pin connector: Brass, Gold-plated contacts, PTFE isolator
  • Strain relief on all connectors
  • Separate ground wire with a convenient spade connecto
  • Fits all the tonearms that use JIS/"mini DIN" 5 pin tonearm cable connector.

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