The flagship. The giant slayer. The best tonearm we have ever made.
Available in 9" and 10".

To get your tonearm to you quicker, we ship with a courier service every Wednesday. That's a lot faster than the regular post.
What makes the TA-AF series special?
All Korf tonearms are a clean sheet rethink of what a tonearm should be. The TA-AF series takes our priorities to the max: quality of motion, rigidity, low energy storage, signal integrity, stability and longevity.

  • For the motion, we use aerospace-grade, zero stiction flexure bearings in the horizontal axis. For the vertical axis, we use full ceramic silicon nitride bearings. Nothing comes close for lower starting torque, and for the quietness too.
  • Korf Audio is the world's only maker of fully ceramic headshells. So it's only natural that we have extended the use of ceramics to the armtube too.
  • At the same mass, alumina ceramic arm tube is almost twice as strong as steel. This means it's 6x stronger than a similar aluminium tube, or 4x stronger than titanium one
  • We use "camera finished" moving brass parts for even more rigidity and precision
  • Even the wiring is improved: we use super lightweight (but 100% covering) copper shielding over Cardas Clear Litz wires.

How does this benefit you? You will get everything Korf tonearms are known for: unmatched clarity, holographic imaging, real life dynamics, true tonality, sparkling highs and a really deep bass. Only more so. Expect to be drawn into music like never before. And don't be surprised if you find yourself rediscovering your albums all over again.
What is included with your tonearm:
Depending on your choice, the JIS/Linn-type mount...
All our mounts are clamping for tightest plinth attachment possible.
...or the SME-type mount, or both

The mounts include DIN 912 screws (M3x20, M3x35), washers and nuts
Simple and effective alignment gauge
Precise alignment gauge to easily set up your cartridge exactly right in minutes.
All the adjustment tools you need

Hex keys to mount your tonearm, adjust VTA, azimuth, etc. Might look a bit different to above.
3 months of free support

To make sure your installation goes smoothly, you get free email support during the first three months.

Ask us as much and as often as you wish.
1 year warranty, 3 months return

If anything goes wrong, we will fix it or replace it.

Changed your mind? We'll take your tonearm back within 90 days, no questions asked.
Not included, but needed for operation:

  • 5-pin MDIN cable to connect your tonearm to your amplifier
  • Pickup cartridge. If you are curious about compliance and effective mass compatibility, please use our calculator.
  • An electronic downforce scale
If you are mounting the tonearm on a wooden plinth, suitable wood screws should be sourced separately.
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