Building analogue audio equipment?
Korf Audio can help you:
Eliminate the iterative "design-build-listen" process that costs you time and money
Develop your analogue devices better, cheaper and faster
Focus your design efforts on proven approaches that work
Know the strengths and weaknesses of your (or your competitor's) product
Get confidential actionable feedback
Achieve higher analogue playback quality, increase customer satisfaction
What we can do:
Give you the insight nobody else has
With Korf Audio, you can bring product to market faster and cheaper. Don't make the mistakes everyone else is making. Steer around the gimmicks, the snake oil, and the ineffectual legacy ideas.

We do the research. You avoid dead ends, build fewer prototypes, save time and money.
Help you design winners
Use Korf Audio's portfolio of mechanical measurements to improve your analogue front end design. Rely on more than just your ears. Take advantage of an abundance of actionable data, and focus on things that matter.

Often, we can cost-effectively improve underperforming devices. Contact us to see how we can help.
Build the impossible
Korf Audio has extensive experience in prototyping, from world's first functional 3D printed compact cassette to complete high-performance analogue front ends.

If you were told it can't be made, just let us know your requirements. When there's a will, there often is a way.
Test in confidence
Make sure your customers get the experience they're paying for. Sometimes an extra pair of eyes is all the difference between success and embarrassment.

We can't proof-read your manuals. But we can make sure your customer experience is in line with what today's users expect. And that your products perform as they should.
Know your competiton
Korf Audio's experience in measurements can give you an objective estimate of how your competitor's devices perform. You'll get a complete analyses to help you manage your product decisions.

We can also do detailed teardowns of competitor product for you.
Make history work for you
Don't waste your time and money reinventing the wheel. Korf Audio have analyzed hundreds of legacy analogue playback devices. We know what works, what doesn't, and what the best practices are.

Get in touch with us, and take advantage of the industry's experience from the era when all audio was analogue.
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