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The only phono preamp in the world designed exclusively for MM/MI cartridges
M³ is the preamplifier to really let your Moving Magnet or Moving Iron cartridge sing!
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Fixed coil cartridges can sound as good or better than top Moving Coil ones. They often don't, because of poor matching with preamplifier and unwanted interaction between cartridge's inductance, cable capacitance and preamplifier loading.

Korf M³ preamplifier removes all these obstacles.
Built only for MM/MI cartridges
Before Korf Audio, most phono preamplifiers were universal. They were designed to work with all types of cartridges: Moving Coil, Moving Magnet, Strain Gauge, with transformers and head amplifiers. Jacks of all trade, and masters of none.

MM/MI cartridges have specific needs when it comes to amplification. These needs were ignored because most preamps are universal

Korf M³ preamplifier changes all that.
Sounds great right out of the box
No need to manually configure anything. No switches to switch, no knobs to turn, no guesswork, no listening 20 times to the same piece of music to decide which setting is just right.

Shall the cartridge be loaded into 47kOhm? 70? 100? 10? 100pF? 200? 400? Doesn't matter. Korf M³ technology ensures that the preamplifier is exactly matched to your cartridge at a press of a button.

First to measure
Korf M³ preamplifier measures cartridge's electrical parameters (inductance and resistance), creates an exactly matching preamplifier just for your cartridge.

Everything is done in analogue domain, the sound is never digitized.

How do other phone preamplifiers know what cartridge they are working with? They don't!
Matches your cartridge exactly
Many new phono stages have an LCD display these days. But having a display doesn't mean that it is a measuring M³ preamplifier. Other companies' preamplifiers use displays to make you choose the arcane settings — just like it used to be with switches and knobs.

Korf M³ preamplifier measures cartridge electrical parameters, using a very small test signal for less that 1 second. Then it creates an exactly matched preamplifier specifically for your cartridge! Your cartridge's data is stored in non-volatile memory and recalled every time M³ preamplifier is switched on.

Simple to operate — just one "M" for "Measure" button, then follow plain text prompts.
A great leap in sound quality
You will be surprised by what your moving magnet cartridge can do. You might be blown away, in fact. Amazed.

Transparency. Air. Shine. Resolution. Bass definition. Most likely, all of these will be improved by upgrading to an M³ preamplifier.
Made in Europe
M³ preamplifier is designed and built in Europe.
Compact fully shielded enclosure
18 gauge steel
Anti-vibration feet
Advanced low-noise power supply
Custom toroidal transformer minimizes electromagnetic noise.
Long-life oversized filtering capacitors. New generation ultra low noise regulators by Texas Instruments. Numbers!
Modern high-quality components
Audio-grade operational amplifiers by Texas Instruments
Precision digitally controlled potentiometers by Analog Devices
1 high-quality pass-through film capacitor per channel
Completely separate analogue and digital boards
Digital part is completely separate, has its own transformer winding and power supply. Everything is done in analogue domain, the sound is never digitized.
Precise measurements
Powerful AVR microcontroller generates test signal, measures cartridge parameters, creates an exactly matching preamplifier.
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Terms and Conditions
  • Shipping
    We will ship your M³ preamplifier in sturdy packaging. If your shipping address in in the EU, postage is on us. Otherwise you will need to pay for tracked shipping. You are responsible for customs fees or any taxes levied in your country.
  • Warranty
    We promise to replace or repair your M³ preamplifier free of charge if it fails due to manufacturing defects within 1 year from the date of delivery. If you are within the EU, we will pay to have it shipped to us and then back to you.
  • Returns
    If you aren't satisfied with your M³ for any reason whatsoever we will gladly take it back within 3 months from the date of delivery. There is no charge for restocking If you return all items in the original packaging. If you reside within the EU we will cover the return shipment costs.
  • Outside the EU
    We welcome overseas customers, and will pack your M³ preamplifier with extra care to withstand international shipping. However, we have no control over import taxes and other fees in your country. We advise you to get an estimate of those before ordering your M³ preamplifier.
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