Get an exceptional improvement in analogue reproduction quality!
Korf HS-A02 is twice as strong as the next best headshell on the market.

What's included:

– HS-A02 full ceramic headshell
– Pure silver litz wires
– Custom gold-plated contact pins and cartridge clips
– Brass fingerlift
– Screws in 3 lengths, knurled nuts, nylon washers

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To get your headshell to you quicker, we ship with a courier service every Wednesday. This is a lot faster than the regular post.
Please note that due to the nature of the ceramic material, slight discolorations and minor shape irregularities are possible. They make each headshell unique and do not constitute a defect.
What Our Customers Say
Why are Korf Headshells Better?
The World's Only Fully Ceramic Headshell
It's a single piece of alumina ceramic:

  • Light and incredibly strong
  • As rigid as steel at less than half the weight
  • The headshell and the connector are one seamless casting
  • No internal breaks or lesser materials
  • Unique supporting rib minimizes resonances

Advanced materials and construction make the headshell "disappear" sonically. You will hear what your cartridge and tonearm are really capable of!
Based on a Large Scale Study
We studied dozens of headshells to see what separates the best from the rest:

  • Quality headshells have high bending resistance. They are very stiff in bending and in torsion, showing low deflection
  • Quality headshells have low energy storage. They "ring" only for a short time, and have only one or two clearly defined own frequencies

We build our headshell 2-3 times stronger than the next best headshell we measured. While keeping the energy storage as low as the best headshells out there.
No Detail is Ever Insignificant
  • Pure silver litz wiring
  • Custom gold-plated contact pins
  • Double locking pin for a more rigid connection to the tonearm. The clamping load is spread over the entire diameter of the barrel
  • Beautiful custom-made brass fingerlift, screws and knurled nuts are included
  • Fully compatible. Fits all the tonearms that accept the standard "SME/Ortofon/JIS" type straight headshells
  • Supplied in sturdy display packaging
HS-A02 Specifications
Fits all the tonearms that accept the standard "SME/Ortofon/JIS" type straight headshells. If you are worried about the headshell mass and its impact on tracking, please use our Tonearm/Cartridge Matching Calculator. Most arm/cartridge combinations work fine with HS-A02.
  • SME/Ortofon/JIS type turntable headshell
  • Single seamless casting, material: Alumina Ceramic
  • Pure silver Litz connecting wires
  • Custom gold-plated contact pins
  • Custom non-magnetic brass mounting hardware
  • Double locating pin for extremely secure connection
  • Weight 13 gram, including wires and fingerlift

Note: there are some cartridges that need very light or highly resonant headshells to sound good. Such pickup cartridges might not benefit from using the HS-A02 headshell. To the best of our knowledge, these include JICO Seto Hori moving coil cartridge and all Grado MI cartridges
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