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You can buy a much better version of the same ceramic headshell with full warranty at our distribution partner The Supersense. The headshells are always in stock and can be shipped worldwide!
Korf HS-A01 Ceramic Headshell
150 + shipping
Plus shipping billed according to the table below.

We are offering a limited quantity of the prototype alumina ceramic headshells to our blog subscribers. Please note that due to the nature of the prototyping process, the headshells are offered strictly "AS IS". They are essentially handmade, and can have minor imperfections (discolorations, tool marks etc) that do not affect performance. Weight 11g including mounting hardware, leads and finger lift.

Technical description:
Shipping Cost
What Are You Getting?
The Korf Audio HS-A01 ceramic headshell
Gold-plated pins, silver contact surfaces
OFC copper signal leads with gold-plated connectors
A set of M2.6 aluminium non-magnetic screws of varying lengths
Lightweight finger lift
A set of M2.6 aluminium non-magnetic nuts
A set of plastic washers
Wavy steel washer

HS-A01 is designed to mount in a standard SME/Ortofon type connector without any spacers or washers. However, if the tonearm side receptacle is not deep enough, please use this washer.
If you are not satisfied with the headshell after you receive it, you can return it for a full purchase price refund within 40 days from delivery. The shipping cost is not refunded, you pay the return shipping.

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