The AB-LS02 base is a high performance way to mount Korf tonearms on SME type arm boards
AB-LS02 SME-Type Base Specifications
For mounting of all Korf tonearms on SME-type turntable arm boards/cutouts. Will fit other tonearms with a 20mm shaft (such as Ortofon AS-212), provided the shaft diameter is within specified tolerance.
AB-LS02 uses clamping action instead of a more common set screw/grub screw. This gives dramatically better connection between the tonearm and the turntable. Clamping fixes the whole tonearm column in a tight tall ring. There is no rocking and no angular errors. On the other hand, the typically employed set screw creates just one tiny firm contact spot 2-3 mm in diameter, leaving the other contact surfaces to chance.

  • Made of anodized 6061 aluminium alloy
  • Column diameter: 20mm, +0.1 -0.05mm
  • Mounting holes diameter 3.2 mm
  • Adjustment range: +8/-8 mm from the center position
  • Height above plinth 9mm
  • Weight 85 gram

AB-LS02 Mounting Template

  • Ideally, orient the long axis of the cutout towards the turntable spindle
  • For mounting through the armboard (using bolts and nuts), drill 3.5 mm holes
  • Every Korf tonearm manual has a 1:1 mounting template that you can copy and use
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