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The world's only fully ceramic headshell. Light and incredibly strong: twice as rigid as the next best headshell that we measured! Includes silver litz wires, all the hardware. Customers say, "HS-A02 is simply the best headshell I have used. An essential audio component if you are serious."
Korf Audio HS-A02 headshell is one of The Absolute Sound's "2024 Recommended Products Under $1,000"!

TAS's Tom Martin said: "If you're using a standard removable head shell in your tone arm, this would seem to be the one to beat. ... The Korf has good mechanical rigidity measurements, we like the sound of it, and it's reasonably priced at $215 or thereabouts."
What Our Customers Say
What Makes Korf Tonearms Special?
The Korf tonearms are a clean sheet rethink of what a tonearm should be. We focused on our audio priorities: quality of motion, rigidity, low energy storage, signal integrity, stability and longevity.

You will immediately hear the sonic benefit: Korf tonearms offer unmatched clarity, holographic imaging, real life dynamics, true tonality, sparkling highs and a really deep bass.
From €3200
Our best sounding tonearm
9" and 10" versions available
Full ceramic headshell and armtube
Advanced ceramic vertical bearings
From €2500
Best rigidity and quality of motion
Perfect for every transcription turntable
Works great with SPU cartridges
Unique ceramic Korf HS-A02 headshell included
From €2200
Excellent rigidity and quality of motion
Zero-stiction flexure bearing
Drop-in replacement for 9" Linn and Jelco tonearms
Unique ceramic Korf HS-A02 headshell included
From €1895
Same advanced design as our TA-SF9R tonearm
Same amazing sound quality
More affordable as the headshell is fixed
The world's only fully ceramic headshell
Light and incredibly strong
Twice as rigid as the next best headshell that we measured! Includes silver litz wires, all the hardware
Unique combination of stiffness and light weight
Gives measurable improvement
Cost-effective upgrade, perfect for fixed headshell tonearms
You will instantly hear the difference
Simple 1. 2 meter MDIN to 2xRCA tonearm cable
Designed to minimize hum and interference
Separate signal grounds, shield and tonearm ground
Built using Mogami W3106
Every Korf Tonearm Comes With
  • 3 months of free support

    To make sure your installation goes smoothly, our email support is free through the first three months. Ask us as much and as often as you wish.

    We strive to answer all the questions within 24 hours on workdays.
  • 3 month return
    (no questions asked)
    If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason, we will take it back within 90 days from the delivery date.

    There is no charge for restocking if you return all items in the original packaging.
  • 1 year warranty

    We will replace or repair your tonearm free of charge if something goes wrong due to manufacturing defects within 1 year from the date of delivery.

    The return shipping is, of course, free.
Depending on where you live, you may have additional rights as a consumer. This warranty does not replace of affect your legal rights.
All Korf Tonearms at a Glance
* Following the azimuth change, VTA adjustment might be is necessary
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