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5 March 2019
Performance of Tonearm Headshells, Part II
In this series of articles, we measure the performance of removeable tonearm headshells.

This study was made possible by a very generous donation. Mr Jam Somasundram, formerly with Pass Labs and now with Cinemag/Reichenbach Engineering, has given us his personal collection of headshells to measure.

Today, we'll introduce the headshells that we plan to measure so far.

Links point to product pages for headshells that are in current production.
Nagaoka AL 703
As the name implies, it's a solid aluminium headshell.
Audio Technica AT-LH13
Another solid aluminium alloy headshell. Made with rigidity in mind. Has no slots, which, theoretically, should further improve rigidity.
A very simple cast and stamped magnesium alloy headshell. It doesn't look the way they usually look because it's an OEM version.
Orsonic AV-101b
Complicated looking aluminum and steel headshell.
Sumiko HS-12
Magnesium alloy headshell with 2 pin bayonet. Except for the finger lift, it's identical to Jelco HS-25.
Jelco HS-25
Magnesium alloy headshell with 2 pin bayonet.
No-name stamped aluminium headshell
The one that started it all. An original SME headshell from the 3009 tonearm.
Micro Seiki H-303
I could not find any information on what it is made of. It's a very light brittle alloy.
Ortofon LH-8000
To quote the manufacturer, it's made of "Japanese oaktree with Urushi lacquer finish"

Next (at least) 10 posts would describe each cartridge and its measurements in detail. We will also try to find an original Technics headshell from the SL-1200Mk.III — no discussion of headshells is complete without one. Stay tuned!
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